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The official site for Walkersville Government is
Town History
The Town of Walkersville began as two separate villages, Georgetown and Walkersville.
The village of Walkersville was formed along Frederick Street. Each village enjoyed a consistent, yet gradual, increase in population up to the Civil War period.
In 1887, the former postmaster of Frederick described Walkersville as having "more building enterprise than any other village in the county, and some of the finest residences in the county."
Walkersville received its charter as an incorporated town in 1892. By this time the town had several grocery stores, blacksmiths, harness shops, a tin roofing shop, warehouses and other shops. Most of these were concentrated around the original crossroads of Georgetown and Walkersville villages and along the railroad. By the early 20th century Walkersville experienced further economic changes with the addition of an industrial center that included a cannery, an ice factory, a bakery and a clothing factory.
The arrival of the Frederick and Pennsylvania Railroad brought a new prosperity to the villages. The railway line between Walkersville and Frederick was built as part of the Pennsylvania Railroad Frederick Secondary in 1869, just a few years after the Civil War.
In 1968 when the Pennsylvania Railroad merged with the New York Central, the line was part of the resulting Penn Central Railroad. In less than three years, the new railroad filed for bankruptcy, and at about the same time, in 1972, Hurricane Agnes hit the Frederick area hard. The resulting flood completely washed out the bridge over the Monocacy River, severing the rail line two miles south of Walkersville. For 20 years, the six-mile line between Walkersville and Frederick was out of service.
From 1991 through 1993, Walkersville Southern volunteers cleared the right-of-way of brush and debris. In 1993, the Maryland Department of Transportation chose Walkersville Southern as the operator of the Walkersville-Frederick line. In 1995, Walkersville Southern began reconstruction of the Monocacy River bridge. The 1998 season marked the first time in more than 25 years that trains had run to Route 26, the current terminus of the line.
In 2003 the estimated population of Walkersville was 5,517.
Additional information about Walkersville can be found,_Maryland